• Electric Fans

    Electric Fans (15)

    ARION Electric Fans come with various special designs colors in sizes 16 inch and 18 inch for Stand Fans and Wall Fans in addition to Ceiling Fans with the highest quality and best specifications . We offer best deals for B2B and OEM traders
  • Electric Ovens

    Electric Ovens (4)

    ARION Electric Ovens are designed and produced in accordance with the latest technologies, highest quality and safety standards as well as best specifications. They come in various sizes including 36 Litres and 46 Litres with and without hoteplates on top. They have heating function selector, Off, Upper heating, Lower heating , and both heating facility. Adjustable thermostat from 100 to…
  • Gas Water Heaters

    Gas Water Heaters (4)

    ARION Gas Water Heater is designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest technologies and highest quality and safety standards. It has a digital LED temperature display, summer / winter switch for saving energy, safety device for accidental flame-outs, anti dry-burning protection device, overheating protection and anti-wind flow back device. It is available in different capacities and colors. We offer…
  • Heaters

    Heaters (5)

    Our Electric halogen heaters are offered in various designs and sizes with high quality specifications. This range comes with 2 candles, 3 candles, 4 candles with and without remote control. It has specially processed halogen tubes, high‎-temperature‎-resistant plastic housing, wide‎-angle repeating oscillating function, streamline design, refinement, automatic tip‎-over, over‎-heat protection. We offer special deals for B2B and OEM Traders
  • Irons

    Irons (4)

    ARION Iron is designed with the latest technology offering the best customer experience in ironing including Steam Irons, Wireless Steam Irons, Stainless Steel Irons, Tefal Irons, Double Ceramic Irons and more all produced with best quality and highest specifications. The range includes Unbreakable / Non Stick Coating Soleplate, Dry Spray Iron, Automatic Cord Rewind system on back cove and Self…
  • Kettles

    Kettles (6)

    ARION kettles are designed to match the latest kitchen trends offering the best customer experience. They come RoHS free to ensure healthy use of technology. They come in a variety of sizes, colors and features including safety locking lid, with big mouth, ease of cleaning, overheating protection, automatic / manual switch OFF. We offer best deal for B2B and OEM…
  • LEDs and TVs

    LEDs and TVs (8)

    ARION LED TV sets are manufactured with the latest technology trends & best quality specifications. Our factory offers the best B2B and OEM deals for LED TV and Smart LED TV for sizes ranging from 32 inch, 40 inch, 42 inch, 43 inch, 48 inch, 49 inch, 50 inchm 55 inch and 65 inch with HD and Full HD
  • LPG Cylinders

    LPG Cylinders (4)

    Our factory produces a range of capacities: 13 kgs / 27 litres capacity, 6 kgs / 12.9 litres capacity, and 3 kgs / 5 litres capacity, and more all in accordance with International Standard ISO 4706 using imported high quality valves – type SCG made in Thailand – and valve seats. We offer special deals for B2B & OEM Traders…
  • Vacuum Cleaners

    Vacuum Cleaners (2)

    Our most advanced Vacuum cleaners are designed to give the consumer the best cleaning experience with the highest quality and best specifications. Features include Electrical Speed control, Strong power, Dust capacity bag =4.5 Liter, Silence design, Reusable cloth dust bag, LED dust full indicator, Spray color, HEPA filter, Metal, telescopic tube, Metal base floor brush. We Offer Special Deals for…


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