Have you ever thought about the three pillars of success for corporations?

After God’s Will, there’s human skill, human will, and human ethics and capabilities. They form the triangle of success for the modern corporation in the Millennium. With 40 years of experience in the Egyptian market, a strong belief, unmatched commercial capabilities and state of the art manufacturing technology, we believe we really make a difference.With the rapid evolution in technological advancements in today’s world, we believe wholeheartedly in our duty to deliver a superior end product for the benefit of our customer and our national economy. For many companies in the market, the terms “product quality” and “customer satisfaction” might at first glance look like a paradox; however, with God’s help, strong will and perseverance, we were able to turn the paradox into reality.Our customer deserves latest products, created to the highest quality standards, and best prices available in the marketplace. We are continually striving to deliver this combination through our continuing evolution to our commitment and foals.Our real asset is built upon our human resources and scientific management style. To them we have afforded a new life style, from consultants to managers and administrators, to technicians, and finally marketing and sales staff, they all work together within a culture full of love, understanding, ethical integrity and loyalty. Our managerial style relies mainly on combining science, ethical integrity, and experience towards reaching optimal results, which has been shown by our continued growth in the marketplace.
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Mohamed Abou Seif, M.Sc.





With 40 years of experience, strong belief, commercial capabilities and top-notch manufacturing
technology, we believe we really make a difference.

Importer Of Electric Spare Parts


In 1977, the company was established as an importer of electronic spare parts such as semi – conductors & integrated circuites from leading Japanese suppliers.

Embracing Home Appliance Components


Ten years later, activities were expanded to embrace components of home appliances to support the manufacturing & maintenance of electronic home appliances such as refrigerators, heaters, washers, etc. Therefore, Abou Seif Group was the main supporter for maintenance & manufacturing of home appliances through providing components and spare parts.

Leader In The Field Of Electronics


Throughout the past fifteen years, Abou Seif Group witnessed expansion activities on both the Horizontal & vertical levels. Horizontal expansion took place in the form of product development with an increase in product categories. On the other hand: vertical expansion was in the form of opening retail branches & expanding in the manufacturing activities.

Focus Transformation


Abou Seif Group focuses on manufacturing. Manufacturing has seen Abou Seif group launch a factory to provide Home Appliance to the Egyptian market by cooperating with selected international suppliers at best prices. It has been an honest intention to be part of the economic development and providing jobs.

Factory Launch


AbouSeif group launchedARION factory to provide home appliances to the Egyptian market by cooperating with selected international suppliers at best prices.

Product Category Expansion


Abou Seif Group initiates the 14, 21, and 25 Receiver production lines along with the ARION LCDs 29”, 32”, 37”, and 42”.

Electronics Production Line


Abou Seif Group launched its DVD, Stereos, VCD and TV production lines.

New Factory Launch


Abou Seif Group launches its new factory in Obour City, 20 km from Cairo to expand its manufacturing of electric ovens, fans, and Vacuum cleaners.

Launching Sister Company Seif Co. In Uganda


Abou Seif Group opens its new arm in Uganda. Seif Co is specialized in importing Gas Cylinders to the Ugandan market.

Sharp Sand Mining



Our West Africa branch excels in mining sharp sand, while our new branch in Egypt focuses on mining and trading pure silica sand, a vital resource for high-tech electronics and glass production. We are dedicated to meeting industry demands as a leading provider.