Automatic powder coating plant:can be used for feeding industries , it consists of :

  • Multimetal chemical spray pretreatment Steel & Aluminum Workpiece : 1.45m (L) x 0.55m (H) x 0.50 (W) Workpiece material: Steel & Aluminum
  • Dryer
  • Powder coating booth with recirculation system
  • Automatic reciprocators
  • Automatic Powder Coating System ( calledOpti flex) , manufactured by ITW Gema AG in Switzerland), using electro static painting powder.
  • Curing oven
  • Conveyor line type cardan
Production line for fan guards
Assembling of C.R.T TV sets

Production line for fan guards

  • Our fan guard making machine is mainly used for producing radial type electric fan guards (covers), both front and back. The electric fan guard production line is composed of radial wire auto welding machine, mid ring welding machine, outer ring welding machine, ring forming machine, butt welding machine, hydraulic press, wire bending machine for handles, handle welding machine, edge trimming machine, and so on.

Main Technical Data of Radial Wire Fan Guard Making Machines:

  • Fan guard size : 8″-23″ (or customized)
  • Radial wire number : No limit
  • Suitable radial wire diameter : 1.0-1.8mm
  • Outer ring wire diameter : Outer ring wire diameter
  • Middle ring wire diameter : 1.5-3mm