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Abou Seif is an Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) provider that worked over the last 40 Years in the areas of Cooling Spare Parts, Car Accessories, Electric and Electronic Spare Parts, Home Appliances, Satellite Antenna and Receivers. It offers a variety of brands including ARION Home Appliances, TechnoSat dishes and SafeGas Gas Cylinders. Abou Seif provides its large network of dealers, group of retail outlets and distribution channels that consists of service centers, electronic devices channels and home appliances stores. Abou Seif works on balancing its development of high technology quality products with cost effective prices.


Manufacturing Subsidiary

  • Abouseif Group offers variety of brands ( ARION Home appliances , Technosat dishes & Safe Gas cylinders )

Trading & Retailing Subsidiary

  • Abouseif trading & retailing subsidiary consists of 3 main sectors

    * Cooling
    * Car Accessories
    * Electronics and Home Appliances



Eng. Mohamed Abou Seif

Founder , Former Chairman

Eng. Tarek Abou Seif

CEO , Current Chairman

Eng. Hany Abou Seif


Eng. Soha Abou Seif

Member, General Manager
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  • Eng. Mohamed is the founder and former Chairman of Group. He graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Asuit University, in 1964.
  • In 1967, he got his Masters Degree in Electronic Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University. His thesis topic was entitled as “Identification of Stochastic Systems.” From there he began a distinguished career in the Armed Forces till his retirement as a Lieutenant Colonel.
  • A strong academic background, as an Electrical Engineer, supported by a sense of market understanding, enabled him to identify the gaps in the Egyptian spare parts market.
  • Therefore in 1977, he established the trading arm of the group, which focused on importing spare parts from Europe & the Far East. He had firmly established the group in the Egyptian market and had integrated a manufacturing arm for Receivers & Home Appliances into its portfolio.
  • He was a retired member of the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce in the area of trading activity planning. He was also the representative of Cairo Commercial Chamber in the Commercial Chambers Union.
  • He had a strong belief in scientific management, whilst spreading a true family spirit amongst all Group members. He had taught everyone around him that “Follow-up is the Key to success”.
  • Eng. Tarek Abou Seif is the Chairman since 2012 , CEO since 2006 & the BoD member responsible for overlooking the Manufacturing and Foreign importing activities within Abou Seif Group.
  • He holds a B.Sc. degree with a specialization in Electronics from the American University in Cairo (AUC) graduating in February 1992.
  • He joined the group in 1992 and has led a series of initiatives which are:
  •  Expanding the customer base in all areas of operation.
  •  Opening retail outlets across Egypt and taking the group into the International marketplace.
  •  Establishing a cooling sector to supplement the groups activities.
  •  Introducing new and innovative satellite products & home appliances ( ARION trademark ) to ensure our customers keep abreast of today’s ever changing market.
  •  Controlling all purchasing , sales team , warehousing supplies & releasing according to market demands & clients credit limits.
  •  Controlling the purchasing items from Japan, Singapore & Taiwan in field of semi contractor electronics components for audio & visual products according to market demands. This is a significant landmark in the development of the growth of the Abou Seif Group.
  • Eng. Hany Abou Seif is the General Manager, and the BoD member following up on the Sales and Business Development departments within Abou Seif Group. He holds a B.Sc. degree in Computer Science from the Modern Science and Arts University (MSA).
  • He has managed the introduction and rapid development of the Home Appliances and Car Accessories Sectors within Abou Seif Group since joining the Group in 2001.
  • He has been a key figure in the Establishment of the Home Appliances Line and the companies move into the Electronics Sector. Finally he has overseen our Penetration of the African Market through Royal Sat, which we see as a direction for our continued growth and emergence as a regional player.
  • Eng. Soha Abou Seif is the Organization Development Director, and the BoD member in charge of monitoring the performance of the Marketing, HR, After Sales Service, IT and R&D functions within Abou Seif Group.
  • She graduated from the American University in Cairo (AUC) with a B.Sc. degree in Computer Science (Feb 2002), M.Sc. degree in Computer Science (Jun 04) and an MBA in February 2008. Before joining Abou Seif Group, she spent 6 years in Software Engineering and Management Consultancy.
  • There, she has gained experience in the Information Systems as well as general consulting services across the Marketing and HR functions. She also worked for several medium to large Egyptian companies in auditing and establishing these functions as well as assessing and formulating their strategies.
  • Since joining the Abou Seif Group in late 2007 her valued presence has been used to develop new systems of operation to take the Group forward.

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